One amazing, faithful servant

Linda, you have been such a wonderful and loving leader. I have not met anyone who pays attention to detail like you, especially if it concerns loving on your volunteers. Thank you so much for serving/leading Frontline all these years. We wouldn't be here today if it was not for you. We will miss you, but I am excited to see where God leads you.
Peter Ahn

Linda Min is a Hall of Fame Frontline leader. I've had the honor of serving with Linda and she encapsulates and epitomizes what it means to be a self-less servant of God. Frontline will truly miss Linda, but she has already made her mark on the ministry.
Abe Kim


I hate to be cliche, but Linda was the ‘Church Sister’ I never had. She made sure I completed my leadership duties on Frontline and was patient when I was being lazy and forgetful; annual Christmas cards. Linda didn’t need to, but she wanted to. And that’s what I admired about her. She had all the great qualities I wish I had. She will be missed. I’ll probably wait till Linda wants to volunteer again, so I can also jump in and serve with her. Haha! But in all seriousness, if there’s one person that needs a break from Frontline, it’s Linda! So Linda, take that break. You deserve it!
Isaac Nho

I had the privilege of "training" Linda when she was starting out on Frontline, and it was the easiest job ever because she just got it, and went beyond it.  I'd like to take a bit of credit for how effective, efficient, and excellent Linda was as a Frontline-r and later as Captain, but the truth is that she was born to do this, and will go down in Metro history as one of the best captains Frontline has ever had.  I loved serving alongside Linda because I knew she would make things easy-- things would get done without grumbling or worry, and there's a sense of calm and purpose in her leadership, which I so appreciated.  Linda, you will be missed, but thank you for your years of service-- it's truly a wonderful thing to see God placing people in positions where they are able to utilize their skills perfectly; Frontline is what it is because of you.
Jen Shin

Linda Min is a true picture of an obedient servant. She has led Frontline with much strength and grace for so many years. We are all so grateful for her many gifts that she so beautifully used during her time in Frontline.  We will miss her dearly, but are so excited to witness what is next for her.
Christy Vinson

Where do I start...Linda was my captain for the first year i decided to join frontline.  She was heaven sent, she was patient with me as i learned the ropes and encouraging at the same time. So grateful to have served under her and beside her for a entire year. Linda will truly be missed, as she was synonymous, with frontline! No goodbyes but definitely see you later! 
Giovanni Rosario

I LOVE LINDA! Thanks for working so hard and being detail oriented in all that you have done Nothing but love for you, girl!
Jenny Lim

Linda was the epitome of a great leader during her time serving on Frontline.  I had the opportunity to work with Linda as a member on her team, as well as a fellow captain and part of the leadership team for Frontline.  She was always the understood "leader" of the team, even without appointment, due to her being responsible, accountable and always striving to improve the ministry without cutting any corners, even just as a volunteer.  She always shies away from accolades or praises - but these are all well deserved.  I especially enjoyed the times where the boys on leadership would give her a hard time with all our nonsense but she took it in stride and enjoyed it as well.  All of the other ministries at Metro should be doing some early recruitment for her services once she comes back from her break of service.
Greg Kim

When I was asked to be the another female captain on Frontline, I said, "OK, as long as you don't expect me to be as cute as Linda!"  Linda is not just cute, but she puts love and care in tiny details that many of the rest of us, in our busy and hurried states, miss.  She is the kind of person who makes sure that Frontliners' birthdays are recognized, Frontliners have a fun event occasionally, Metro attenders have yummy treats at Christmas and everyone's new Frontline t-shirt is individually wrapped.  She not only visibly serves Metro, but serves the people who serve it!  God has blessed her with not only a huge heart but also the determination and follow through to actually show that love to others instead of just thinking about it.  I am sure the Lord is so pleased with the work she has done on Frontline, and we can all be excited that she can rest before moving where He'll take her next!  
Heather Ziegler

You were the "still point in a turning world” during some significant leadership transition in Frontline. You never balked, always served and led well and were a joy to partner with! You are a quiet example of what Paul is talking about in Galatians 5:13 where he reminds us to  "serve one another humbly in love”. You have and I know you will continue to do so. Metro has been a more welcoming place because of you. 
God bless you,
Pastor Kevin

You are one of the best Frontline leaders I had the privilege to serve with.  Even though I switch off your team so many times, I promised it wasn't on purpose. As I'm still learning as a new captain, I must say you've made it seem so easy. I feel like every Sunday I captained, I'm running around like a maniac but you always had everything under control.  I'm sure you will do great in whatever you choose to do next. I wish you the best of luck! We are gonna miss you on Frontline!
Kai Wong

I left Frontline a little over a year ago to serve in another ministry - fatherhood. Every time I walk into church, I'm reminded of how much I miss Frontline, and the people I served with - especially Linda. I always look for her to say hi, even if it's for a short moment because I know how busy she is. 

When Linda first became a Frontline captain, I already had a few years of experience under my belt. I thought to myself, let me show this rookie the ropes and take her under my wing. It didn't take very long for Linda to absorb anything I had to show her and surpass me in every way! 

Frontline was always structured with several leaders, but there was a time when it was just the two of us. This is when we had the most time to bond. We were a perfect fit for each other - I took forever to do things, trying to make them perfect, while Linda was always quick and efficient. We got together around Christmas time every year to write cards for all the volunteers. She would always beat me; then I realized she would beat me at everything! 

I really owe a lot to Linda for being patient with me - I don't know too many people that would put up with how picky I am! I was so particular about every detail, but she gave me so much creative freedom with anything related to Frontline. I would get backed up with things for months, and she would be the one to stay on top of me to make sure I was being productive (yes I'm talking about writing birthday cards!) 

Once Isaac joined the leadership team, along with Greg, we became like brothers and sisters. It never felt like "work"  with those guys. We had such great chemistry, and we all complimented each other perfectly. I never worked with a team where everything just clicked! We would need to set aside more time than needed for meetings because we would get carried away with laughter and fun, but it was always Linda who kept the boys in check and made sure we got down to business! 

I'm so thankful God linked our paths to serve together. I will always remember it as one of the most rewarding times I had as a servant. Serving with Linda made me want to be a better captain. We went into Frontline many years ago not knowing each other very well, but after serving with her, she has become a sister to me and we have built a friendship that will last a lifetime. 

There are so many more things I could say about how awesome Linda is, but what I will admire most of all is her humility. She was the backbone, the glue and as we put it, the official boss of Frontline. Things got done because of her, but she would never take credit for it. I don't know if another Linda Min will ever come around to Metro - but I'm so happy and grateful that I had the chance to serve with this one! 
Christopher Wain