From Jenny's view - a look back at her week

It’s 9AM on a Monday at the Metro office. The only other people here are Suah and Angie. Ah, so peaceful and quiet. All the other staff members have their day off as they had a busy work day the day before.

The atmosphere is quite the contrast to the following day, Tuesday. Tuesdays. Oh boy. I have a love/hate relationship with this day. Everyone, except Reba, Christy and Smitty are in the office for staff meeting. It’s great to see everyone, but it’s also… SO.LOUD.IN.THE.OFFICE! Not so great for an introvert, but at least I had my quiet day the day before to recharge.

Speaking of staff meetings – ever wonder what goes on? I’ll give you a small peek into our dear staff meeting world. Right after Eval meeting, we start our staff meeting at 10:30AM prompt. Once a month we’ll celebrate all the birthdays of that month – woohoo! Cake time! Sometimes one of the pastors will lead us into a lesson so that we can apply it to our ministries or personal life –good stuff. Sometimes, we’ll plan for the upcoming quarter. And sometimes, we’ll just share prayer requests and/or pressure points and discuss and pray. It’s a time for us to grow and help grow our Church as well. 

The other days are a bit quieter than Tuesdays. On a typical morning, you’ll find Pastor Kevin heating up water for his tea – it needs to be that “perfect” hot temperature. Pastor Clay’s lights will be off, but don’t be fooled – he’s in there – praying (thought I’d say napping? Heh heh). You’ll find Angie in Suah’s office – she’s already stuck in that black hole early in the morning (Suah has some real talent!). Timm strolls in the office with his sunglasses stuck in his crazy Aussie hair with his Aussie “morning peeps”. Pastor David is brewing coffee in his office (he has his own special coffee machine) and you’ll see him going from office to office, passing coffee around.  And... Pastor Peter? Where is he??? If he’s not in the office, you’ll know. It’s pretty quiet. But as soon as he steps in, you’ll hear his “HELLO JEN-NAY” as the giant man walks around from office to office saying his hello.

Oh! And we have one more regular at the office lately! His name is IJ. He’s interning for Clay this summer (although, he is slowly becoming everyone’s intern). You can tell what kind of a work atmosphere Metro is when you look at IJ. His first day here, he called me “Miss Jenny.” He was all tense and shy. Now you’ll see him bouncing around from office to office and being his chatty self. Oh, and it’s “Yo Jenny” now! 

This is just a small, small snippet of what goes on in my world from 9 to 3 every week day. Some days are hectic and some days are peaceful. It’s rewarding to see Metro grow from my view (internally) and I’m humbled to be a part of this team!

Jenny Lim
Operations Manager