A few of the many forms of worship at Metro

So much happens at Metro every Sunday. From the babies and toddlers to the school kids, teens, adults, there are many venues for worshipful engagement with God through service, music, teaching and learning, and our prayerful response. 

Tonight, the team that served in Turkey met with Jenny Park and Grace Liaw to hear the latest news from the ministry in Antakya. Over burritos and kunefe we got caught up with each other and heard about the challenges the Syrian refugees are facing and how those needs are being addressed in spite of a very dynamic situation. 

While the Turkey team was enjoying supper together, the Metro Leadership Team and Staff met to begin work on next year's budget. Crunching numbers and making the columns add up up is only part of the budget process. Discerning God's path forward for our church and ministries while prayerfully exploring how Metro will partner with God to accomplish His will for Metro is a very important responsibility. Please pray for the LT and Staff as they embark on the budget journey for next year.