Metro's offering counter thank you par-tay!

As a thank you to our offering counters, we had a BBQ/Pool party this past Sunday in Englewood. It was great to see most of them come out with their families and just mingle and eat while the little ones splashed away in the pool.

Our offering counters dedicate their time after all 3 services are over and count the offering with an LT member present. We choose the counters from our Partners list and have them sign a confidentiality form. Why is choosing from a Partner's list important? Because we know that they are committed to this church and that they chose the next step to invest and take ownership of Metro.

Our offering counters commit for a year - however, most of them have been on board for over 2 years now! 😁Metro is thankful to have such committed and trustworthy offering counters - thank you team!!

Jenny Lim