An evening with the LT

The Metro Community Church's Leadership Team met last Sunday evening to enjoy each other's company outside of the regular church settings. The LT members are responsible for building, maintaining, and overseeing the spiritual welfare of Metro and for directing and overseeing all ministries and business affairs. That night was one of the rare occasions where they met up, lived life, and didn't talk shop.

They started out the night sitting around a table at Fontana di Trevi, a local Italian restaurant in Leonia, NJ - where Pastor Peter would enthusiastically championed it as one of the best authentic Italian restaurants around the area. The LT found the cuisine delightful and agreed that the little establishment is a superb place to share a meal with someone special.

After dinner, they traveled into Manhattan in Metro's beloved workhorse, the church van. The LT experienced a moving play: Julia Cho's Aubergine. It's about a Korean-American son coming to terms with his dying father. It has elements of grief, cultural misunderstandings, heritage identification/rebellion, a unique take on father-son dynamics, and the clever use of food as the thread within the story. It's a universal tale of life, death, and the food that binds our humanity.