United As One: Reflections On The Singles Retreat


“Have a good a weekend, with CHRIST!”  

“Haha, I will!”   

My energetic boss left and I quickly did a run through in my head of what I had to pack and wanted to grab for dinner before heading up to the Poconos for a weekend with Metro’s single community. I looked forward to spending the weekend slowing down and was excited that my brother was joining me.

I arrived late and thought we missed the first session but my streak of luck had begun. I did not miss a minute of Pastor Sanetta’s powerful first message on Jesus forgiving and healing a paralyzed man and the role his friends played in carrying him to Christ. The faith his friends had. The faith that I find myself paralyzed from so often and have been brought back to by the faith of others. 

Throughout the retreat I was reminded of how intimately attentive God is to those who seek him. Pastor Sanetta continued to speak truth and wisdom into areas of my life where I had been struggling, and how she knew I have no idea.  Pastor Doug also set the tone of the retreat with his ability to infuse laughter and joy into his congregation.  

Relatable sermons and impactful leaders can richen your faith but I am learning that a key discipline in living the Christian life is through our brothers and sisters that struggle, shine, and seek with us. During times of small group discussions, we were intentional about engaging for the purpose of being strengthened and schooled by God’s work in each of our lives.


On the Monday back from the retreat I felt as though I was recovering from a rave party. I sought a weekend of rest but I was exhausted from the sermons that left me contemplative, and from the soul filling conversations I got to share with the people in my cabin and in my small group. The week following the retreat was excessively cold and while this would normally start turning on my innate Scrooge button, I noticed that it hadn’t. The light from my weekend of fellowship was still keeping me warm and I acknowledged again that it is all so true. While at times it’s easier not to invest in others, we are not expected to live this Christian life alone.  Like any other promise of God, fellowship takes work but God provides and surrounds us with what we need when we decide to turn on that switch and seek.  

Submitted by Nhain Lee