Lights... Camera... Discussion!

This past Wednesday, we kicked off a brand new video format at Metro - a Facebook Live discussion panel with our Metro pastors, where pastors Peter, Kevin and David discussed some timely social topics as it pertains to our faith...but also provided an opportunity for our viewers to ask questions for them to answer on-air.

This first show was essentially a "proof-of-concept" using a new piece of tech that we invested in last year - a small camera that allows us to create live multi-angled productions from a single, simple device. Since we weren't 100% sure if the technology would work well, we were hesitant to properly promote the show in case it didn't; but now that we have done it...and it didn't crash and burn...we are excited to say confidently that we intend to produce more live shows for you and will let you know when the next one will take place well ahead of time.

While we really enjoyed the casual banter between Peter, Kevin and David - what we're really excited about is how you will shape this medium, which we hope will help you to plug more into God, your walk with Jesus and the life of our church. In fact...we would love to hear from you! At the bottom of this page is a form where you can share your feedback of this first show, what topics you would like us to engage with for future shows, and any questions that you would like our pastors to address.

Finally, if you missed the video, you can watch it here below. Thanks for watching and we shall see you on the internets!

Submitted by Timm Chartier
Director of Media & Communications

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