Culture Study Through Film

In the fall of 2016, Metro Church's UG programs were posted.  One program of interest to a number of people was,  "Culture Study Through Film," which was offered by Pastor Peter Ahn and Suah Hwang.  This UG would view films and explore the origin histories of the members of Metro Community Church.  After viewing a film, the group would discuss the film along with input from group members' personal family backgrounds.

Each time we met, we ate a dinner supplied by the members of our UG. The first evening, we shared our backgrounds and family histories. The group became very open as we shared our backgrounds.

We watched the film, "13th," first. It deals with black history in America and proved to be an eye opening presentation of slavery to modern day lives of black Americans.  We were disturbed by what we saw and heard.

Metro is a melting pot of numerous nationalities who came to this country for a better life. We have also watched films on Korea and China.  Our discussions helped us to understand the difficulties immigrants face to become a part our society. Those of us new to America shared how we were received when we came to this country.

We have discussed white privilege. Black Americans and other nationalities arriving to America have faced problems whites do not normally face. An example of white privilege is often how a white person is treated during a traffic stop compared to people from other groups.

As we discussed the issues of the different groups within Metro, we wondered how to bind each of us into a cohesive group within our church.  We've asked this question numerous times.  To strengthen the congregation, we must care for all members.  The problems of any member or group within Metro are problems for each of us if we are following Christ's teachings.

We have now started a second UG to continue our understanding of the background and problems of our members with hopes of bringing us closer together.  Most of us from session one are back for session two because of our strong interest in this topic.

I'm an older white member attending the group. The historical background and discussions are very important  to help me have a a better understanding of Metro.  When I entered the church for the first time 2 years ago, I was greeted and welcomed to Metro.  I told the greeters I was looking for my wife, Judy.  It seemed everyone knew my wife and they helped me find her.  We continue to be involved in the church programs and recommend that more members become involved with the church offerings beyond the Church service.

Submitted by Bruce Atkins

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