Showing The Love In MetroX

I've been going to Metro since I was two years old. Growing up in the same church for 13 years, I graduated from MetroKids and MetroMerge. Last year, I graduated to MetroX, which was a scary experience for me. I left all my close friends from MetroMerge behind. I didn't know if I would fit into the high school crowd. Hardly anyone knew me and the thought of having to make new friends terrified me.  As my first year in MetroX quickly came to an end, I was able to make some good friends at MetroX and then the best thing happened, all my friends from MetroMerge graduated to MetroX.

In MetroX, we break up into small groups according to our gender and grade. Therefore, I was placed with a group of girls that were in 9th and 10th grade. Although I already knew most of the girls, I really got to know them in a deeper way. They truly became my sisters in Christ that I could depend on when I needed someone. My small group teacher is simply amazing. She has created a culture of love and fellowship like I have never experienced before.

I look forward to Friday night gatherings and Sundays. Every Sunday, my small group leader brought snacks for us to eat. Everyone loved it since we love food. Week after week our teacher brought in snacks, but a couple of the girls and I felt that we should contribute and bring in snacks as well. So, I suggested it to my teacher and she thought it was a great idea. That day, I passed around a piece a paper with the dates and told everyone to sign up for one if they can. Now, each week, someone brings in snacks for our  small group. It is not a burden or feels like a chore. It is our way of showing love to our teacher and our fellow sisters. 

Submitted by Christina Ahn