Comic Books And Bible Reading

There’s no secret formula in cultivating a Christian home as any parent can attest, but in our house we try to read a passage of the Bible and take turns praying every night.  I wish I can say that this practice is diligently upheld by us, the parents, but sadly it’s usually our children who remind us that it’s time to read Psalms.  Before anyone thinks these are signs of a super Christian family, let me level those expectations.  Firstly, we are almost at the end of Psalms and it has taken us a year, and secondly, our boys developed a habit of enjoying the Bible on their own through a set of comic books.

Five Christmases ago, when the boys were 7, 6 and 4, their uncle gave them "The Power Bible," a carton version of the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.  When I saw the box set, I was a little skeptical.  It didn’t seem “biblical” – would God honor the reading of his word through speech bubbles?  Absolutely.  God showed up and made himself known to three young boys in their young boy language.   Getting to know God became enjoyable and voluntary, rather than forced or dreaded.  Little did I know that reading the cartoons was beginning a practice that would turn into a habit that would make the transition into reading the NIV easier.

When I see the boys still pick up and read The Power Bible for leisure reading (who doesn’t like a good comic book?), it’s a sobering reminder that God comes to us where we are.  He’s there when we open the NIV and in theological texts and definitely in speech bubbles.

Submitted by Susan Son