MUG ~ Hug An UG

Every Wed. nights I've been attending a MUG, or Mother's Underground Group. But this week, we had a special UG night with some special ladies. They are a younger group of ladies UG and we had a joint session with them. We call it a "Hug an UG Night."

It was a relaxed night of delicious food and great fellowship. We all shared our backgrounds with each other. The mamas shared words of wisdom and years of experiences to our younger counterparts. The young ladies shared adventures and life lessons with us as well. We were all encouraging and inspiring one another. We cheered, we laughed, and we clapped for each other. Both groups learned a lot from each other and although we are at different life stages, we all feel part of a bigger community of being women of God.

It was truly a night where I felt blessed by my sisters in Christ. It was a great opportunity for all of us to get out of our comfort zone and meet other people in our church. Our "Hug an UG night" is more than just a fun night, it really helps foster unity and diversity in our church. It is definitely something I would encourage everyone to do- to seek to connect to others, whether it's through a similar Hug an UG event, through the ministries, and even by a simple act of saying hi and talking to the stranger beside you at church. Just as Jesus reached out to all of us, if we can all go out and reach out to each other, we can create an authentic and much deeper sense of community in our beloved church.