Metro Cultural Day: A Travel Album

We are so blessed at Metro!

I sat across the room and watched as two families, with their heads bent, plotted and planned on what they wanted to have to represent their culture at their shared table. What makes this notable is both of theses families attend Metro Community Church, but possibly pass each other in the hall each week (or attend different services).

There were so many "aha!" moments like this at this year's Cultural Day!

I felt especially thankful when I was watching our South Korean representatives wearing Hanboks and dancing Salsa with our family from the Dominican Republic.

And let's not forget the food - there were so many types to sample, you didn't want to miss a single table! The oxtails from the Ghana, sausages from Portugal, treats from Thailand, and so much more! There were trays and trays of culturally diverse foods to

Each table also provided a prayer of need for that country. If you attended, I hope that you took time to read and pray for those needs. If you didn't, please know that the need still persists and that this is how we can stand in solidarity with each other at our church!

As I looked around at all the people talking, laughing and enjoying each other's differences, I thought - these are the moments that make a difference. These are the ties that bond us together as God intended.

THANK YOU to all the volunteers that made Cultural Day this year possible. From everyone who helped set up and break down tables, decorated the gym, represented their countries, cooked the food, all the way to those who blew up balloons - I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this special moment at our church where we could worship God by celebrating our diversity with each other.

Special shout out to: Pastor Kevin Swanson and Pastor Doug Cho who both didn't mind getting their hands dirty helping with set up and clean up.

I also want to thank Estela Kim. Thank you for or your tireless, diligent, well organized work. I shall keep you around for future Cultural Days. Expect a hug from me soon.

If I've forgotten anything or anyone, you know Mama is old and forgets stuff 😊

Don't you love it when the spirit of God moves though his people? There were so many moments that touched my heart - my cup was over flowing with joy. Let us continue to move in the direction of being a body of people that celebrates diversity, embraces different cultures, and stands in solidarity for our fellow brothers and sisters.


Love and Hugs,
Deborah Moore

Photos by Isaac Nho