Changing Lives - EHS

If you were to do a personal spiritual inventory, what would you find?  The Bible describes a life full of wonder, joy, and peace for those who choose to follow Christ.  Can you say this is true for you?  I think that for most of us, we’d find the opposite is true. Our lives do not model that of our Savior who, even in suffering, glorified God and remained centered in Him.  In our day to day we are harried, anxious, and running on empty. Our lives are full of tasks, relationships, and maybe even some spiritual activities yet they are void of any fruit or transformation.  We are exhausted, bitter and disappointed with others and with ourselves, and while we'd love to address these things and give ourselves the chance to heal, we are unwilling and unable to provide God the space to work in our lives.

Does this sound familiar? If so you are not alone.  The above is an accurate picture of my Christian life for the past 20 years.  On the surface I was your model Christian.  I was always serving and active within the church.  I read the Bible and gave generously to others.  While things looked pretty kosher on the outside, one look within and it became pretty clear that internally, I was a mess.  I was overwhelmed and oftentimes felt like my life was out of control.  I was dealing with a lot of past hurt and pain that had gone unprocessed.  I struggled to be consistent and disciplined in my walk with God and was constantly chasing the next "spiritual high," believing that if I caught just the right one, I would be propelled to the next level in my faith.

At the crux of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is the belief that we as Christians lack the basic foundation needed for true change and growth. While many of us have grown up in the church and have been Christians for many years, we don't really know God and are operating on very little knowledge and awareness of Him and of ourselves. This is what EHS identifies as the "tip of the iceberg." By neglectingto acknowledge, address, and embrace the brokenness and hurt deep within us (bottom of the iceberg), we wind up hurting ourselves, God, and those around us in the process. More importantly, we become spiritually and emotionally stunted and fail to experience the fullness of God's amazing presence on our daily lives.

Last Sunday, forty brothers and sisters from our Metro community gathered together to participate in our Emotionally Healthy Spirituality course.  For the next eight weeks, we will engage in spiritual disciplines and practices that we believe will utterly transform us from the inside out, giving us the tools we need to continue on a path of growth and healing so that we may become more effective disciples of Jesus.  Please pray for our journey.  We are looking forward to growing together as we dig deeper and strive to create the space necessary for God to do his amazing work.  We know that change like this is virtually impossible without the prayers and support of our church community.  Will you join us by lifting up a weekly prayer for our group?  And while you’re at it, consider the state of your own emotional and spiritual life and whether the Lord may be leading you to participate in a future course. 

Submitted by Olivia Yi