Greetings Metro Family,

This is a brief update on the parking situation at Grieco Elementary School. You probably realized that in the past couple months we have had two Sundays where parking was an issue at church. 

In one case, a group had reserved the stadium across the street from Grieco school for a Saturday event. It was rained out and their alternate day was Sunday. That group and those attending Metro were in competition for the limited number of parking spaces that are available. For the past two years we have not had that situation because the event was held on a Saturday.

The other case was this past Sunday where there was a track and field event scheduled at the Stadium. Fortunately their event begins later in the morning which allowed us to have full use of the parking lot for the first service, but we were in competition with the track and field folks for second service.

Going forward, we anticipate that the track and field event will be the only thing that conflicts with Metro on a Sunday morning unless there is another rain date situation. We will always do our best to let you know when parking might be a challenge. The Metro attendance was normal this past Sunday so thanks for making the effort to come and worship even if you had to search for a parking space!

God bless,
Pastor Kevin