Single Status

Hello-hello! Things have been busy within the Singles community at Metro, and we’ve been so blessed with the amount of eagerness of our Metro family to want to gather together and fellowship!

We had our very first Singles luncheon at the beginning of August. The reason we decided to start having these luncheons was because many from our singles community were going off in separate groups after church to eat, often times running into each other at the same restaurant, while others were left behind because they just didn’t get the memo. Why not have a meal together so we can all catch up? Maybe it was the fact that we were serving Halal Guys (a couple of married folk even tried to sneak in!), but we had an overwhelming response and a wonderful time just getting to know people and eating a meal together. 

Last week, we had a game night at the Metro Office. I love competitive games, but was so surprised to see our people take Scattergories and Jenga so seriously! Personally, I’m blown away by our beautiful community and all the different walks of life that come out to the Singles events. We are so different, and yet, we are all still able to enjoy being together and learn from one another.

Currently, we're taking sign-ups for our mini-bowling league (it’s only four weeks long) in September and I highly recommend you join if you’re new to Metro and you want to be plugged in! As I’ve said to many, it’s just a bunch of not-so-great bowlers competing against one another, but the fun really just comes from being together. Granted, there will be weekly updated stats posted online and some great trophies being given out at the end! More importantly, it’ll give you an opportunity to meet many of our Underground Group leaders at our church, as well as many others.


Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know you and many new faces this summer and hope to have more events in the future. So, if you're single, we hope to see you there!

Submitted by Doug Cho
Singles / Arts Pastor

Photos by: KyungJun Han