One For The Ages: Nursing Home Worship


On the first Sunday of every month, Metro hosts a worship service for our elderly neighbors at the Actors Fund Nursing Home in Englewood.

Liam, an 8 year old boy who visits the nursing home with his Mama and big brother, shares his story of why he enjoys participating in this ministry. Here is his account, as relayed by his mother…



I have always been scared of getting old. My dad's daddy, my Grampa, died a few years ago. I didn't know what that meant. I just knew it was a sad, sad day for Daddy. I remember him crying, and I never see Daddy cry like that. It was like he lost a friend. A best friend.

After that, I got so scared. I remember visiting my mom's daddy, who is still alive and living in the Philippines. I asked my mom's dad, "Gramps, are you going to die?" Grampa did not reply lengthily; all he said was I shouldn't be scared and that I shouldn't worry.

For many months, I continued bringing up my Grampa's death. I know it troubled my mom and and dad. I think during that time I started going with my mom and started singing in the nursing home. There were a lot of old people there. I didn't know why they live together, but I'm happy that I am able to spend time with them... because I know it can be kind of lonely not being with family.

Every month, I'm excited to go to the nursing home. I remember asking Mama, "when are we going back to the nursing home, Mama?"

God said, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). My teacher in first grade asked us to do a homework to do random acts of kindness. I told my teacher that I have been going to the nursing home with my family. My teacher said that this was so cool and awesome. I told my teacher, I hoped you can imagine how cool and awesome I felt being there.

On my last visit, we shared a little bit about our heritage with the residents. They seemed very happy and embraced our culture! Wow, I felt like I was part of their family. We were singing a Filipino song but it seemed like they understood us.

We sang the song "Sayo Lamang." The song was about telling God that my heart is His. I hope that in my little way, that the residents felt, that like me, their hearts are His!

I am not scared anymore. How can I be scared when I have God in my heart? I hope more people can join us so that they can experience the happiness I feel.

Love, Liam.

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This coming Sunday, December 2, Metro will be hosting a special Christmas-themed worship service for the residents of the home. We hope that you will consider serving with us and bringing joy to our elderly neighbors – just like Liam does!

For more info on our Nursing Home Worship ministry, please email Pastor Sanetta at

Nursing homes are full of our neighbors, and the presence of children brings smiles to their faces. In this setting, children can introduce themselves to the residents, bring them crafts they’ve made, or show off their favorite toys. If you have a gathering with singing and preaching, the kids can participate by passing out song sheets (with very large font, by the way) and by sitting next to the residents.
— Bernock, 2018