Relationally Enriched: Marriage Enrichment Event

On Saturday, November 3, 21 couples from Metro invested six hours in their relationships. We - Kevin and Linda - guided them through four essential marriage topics to help them live happy and spiritually mature Christian marriages. After each topic, the couples had time to consider how these truths from God’s Word could be applied to their relationships. Everyone put in a lot of work – including the child care team!

We would like to thank everyone on the Metro staff who gave support behind the scenes; without their help, it would have been difficult to host this marriage event. We also would like to thank the couples that came – you took a major time-out in the middle of a busy Fall weekend to work hard on your relationships. We pray God that will use the time and effort you invested to take your relationship to a deeper, more significant level.

Metro – after an event like this one, couples may become tired and discouraged when they don’t see immediate results, so we invite you to pray with us for these couples. Ask God to grow their love for Him while He grows their love for each other.

Submitted by Kevin & Linda Swanson