An Act Of (Nursing Home) Worship

The first Sunday of every month, Metro Community Church visits the Actor's Fund Nursing Home in Englewood to provide a time of worship for the home's residents.

Originally founded in 1882, the nursing home is an assisted living and skilled nursing care facility that provides a "warm and dignified place" for 124 performing arts and entertainment professionals from stage and screen to live and enjoy the remaining years of their life in comfort.

For one hour every month, members from Metro "meet Jesus" by coming and serving these wonderful residents - singing hymns, sharing a sermon message and offering assistance as needed.

"It brings calm, joy and a lot of inspiration to the residents," according to Lotte Johnson, who serves as volunteer in the ministry, "The residents look forward when Metro arrives."

If you would like to come, meet Jesus and be a blessing to our elderly neighbors, our next visit to the nursing home is this coming Sunday, February 4 from 2-3pm. Children are also welcome.

For more information regarding our Nursing Home Worship or any of our Justice, Advocacy and Compassion programs, please contact Pastor Sanetta at