Love Blossoms: Spring Marriage Retreat

God created and gave us the gift of marriage, but we don’t always know how best to receive this amazing gift. With the gift of marriage, God also gave His Word, the Holy Spirit, and prayer (as well as other resources) to help us know how to live fully into our marriages. One of those gifts is the Metro Marriage Retreat. The couples who choose to learn and grow and invest one weekend in their marriages come away from the retreat encouraged and strengthened in their relationship with God and with each other.

This past April, seven Metro couples joined Pastor Kevin and I for a time away with Jesus to concentrate on their marriages. They were fully present, and though a few of the men admitted they thought the weekend might be boring, when it was over, they confessed that they’d actually enjoyed it! Other couples admitted that they came to the retreat wounded and discouraged, almost ready to give up. But, they left with hope and some tools to help them to thrive in their marriage. 

Kevin and I are very encouraged by the couples who took the time to invest in their marriages. We know real life will happen with all its challenges and distractions, and the couples will have to stay engaged and purposeful to live their marriages well. We are praying for them. Will you pray for them too?

Submitted by Linda Swanson