Especially Needed: Special Needs Parent Meeting


We had a great time with families of children with special needs and volunteers at our Special Needs Parent Meeting last Sunday! All I can say is, "how great thou art" as I was extremely blessed by the parents' testimonies and thankful hearts to connect with each other and not be in isolation anymore!

Let's not forget the fun bonding time the children had with each other during the meeting with buddies as support while having fun together! Through praises and shared challenges, a beautiful community is arising! And this community will continue to grow as we as a church continue to embrace our children and families with special needs.

Please note that we are currently seeking volunteers to be a buddy for a child with special needs. We'd ideally like one adult buddy and one student buddy (from elementary school through high school) for every child with special needs. The summer is a great time to give this a shot! If interested, please contact to begin the training and transition process.

God bless!!

Submitted by Pastor Shirley