A Moment With God: Mom's Time Out

Envision this—a space prepared for you to rest, be refreshed, and connect deeply with God and with other people. Sounds nice, right?

On a Saturday not long ago, we invited mothers to the Metro office for such a time. We went for a spa theme, offering various options for physical pampering and a space to spend quality time with God and fellow mothers. We called it, “Mom’s Time Out”. The name of the event brought out curiosity and humor, bringing to mind a common form of disciplining children; however, it was being applied in reverse to moms and was very fitting in a different way. Sometimes we literally need to take time out from the busyness of life and take a breath, take care of ourselves, and get reconnected.

The idea was birthed through our own experiences of motherhood and longing for times to pause and refresh. It’s true what they say—you can’t give if you don’t have. We realized this is particularly true for us as caregivers and parents who are constantly giving of ourselves—our attention, time, and energy—to our families and children. We realized that even in the midst of parenting demands, we needed to intentionally set aside some time and space to fill up and receive from the Lord, so that we can give out of His abundance.

Prior to the event, an email was sent containing scripture verses, reflection questions, and other ways guests could prepare in order to fully benefit from our time together. In the hours leading up to the event, the Metro office was slowly transformed to be a space that was, on one side, inviting and relaxing for moms, and on the other side, a safe and fun place for kids.

We started with some time to mingle, eat, and get settled. Moms were asked the following questions and encouraged to engage with one another in a meaningful way:

  • What is your greatest joy in being a mom?

  • What is your greatest challenge in being a mom?

  • What are some ways that you replenish yourself when you feel depleted?

Our attention was then redirected to the opening remarks, where we were welcomed and reminded what a time out is all about: simply taking a moment to be with God. We were encouraged to utilize our time together as an opportunity to pause and receive His love and kindness. To stop doing and just be in His presence. And through this, to be reminded that our identity and worth are found not in what we do or produce, but simply in being His.

It was important that we set aside a dedicated time for worship and a devotional. It was interesting how easy it was to find fitting songs and devotional material for this gathering. But perhaps we shouldn’t be so surprised because the theme was clear: Rest in Him. Receive His love. When we think about the love we as moms have for our own children, we get a glimpse of the Father’s amazing love for us. This message of love and rest was reiterated through our devotional time as we experienced a daily office together.

There was something special about being in a room with other women of God and seeking the Lord together. Ultimately we need God to fulfill, but we also need one another. We are a part of a community of believers—we are not in this alone. But simply resting and being together is not enough. We need to go to Him, the true source of strength, energy, joy, peace, and love. Together.

For those craving some more one-on-one time with God, a meditation space was available so moms could enjoy some silence and stillness. Soft music played in the background and along the walls were stained glass artwork and a mosaic cross. There were yoga mats for those who wanted to stretch. This was a place for quiet reflection and prayer.

And then there was the foot spa and massage room, where the physical pampering took place. As moms stepped into the dimly lit room, they were greeted by the scent of various essential oils. In the background was a nature scene and the sound of a running brook to transport those entering into a state of calm and serenity. A row of chairs lined the room, each accompanied by a small basin filled with warm water, bath salts, and rose petals. Moms quickly filled the seats and happily dunked their feet while also enjoying a nice face mask. Moms kicked back and relaxed, shared beauty tips and tricks with one another, and just soaked in the goodness of the moment.

Behind the curtain which divided the space, professional masseuses were hard at work, massaging away tense and achy muscles. Tired moms breathed a sigh of relief, as the tightness in their backs and shoulders loosened. Moms also waited their turn to use the leg massager, which was so effective in achieving its purpose that those who sat down, found it very difficult to leave the station once their time was up.

Lisa Ra shared her wisdom and knowledge leading a table in making essential oil skincare products, de-stressing bath salts as well as muscle and joint oil. Some of the moms got a chance to use what they made that very night.

We had areas for prayer, compassionately led by Linda Swanson and Andrea Robinson-Frias. And mothers came together to pray.

We hope that everyone that came out felt cared for, valued, and replenished. But of course, self-care is not a one time thing. We need to continually be filled up so that we can pour out again. And again. And again. We hope that all who attended this event and even those reading about it now would be inspired and encouraged to draw closer to the One who can give true sustaining rest and refreshing, not only to our physical bodies but also to our spirits.

Many thanks to the volunteers and people (including our families!) that were a part of making this a reality. A special thanks to Julie Song, Amina Montoya, Andrea Robinson-Frias, Renee Karibi, Taisha Penn, Linda Swanson, Lisa Ra, Christine Bae, Leila Hom, and Kayla Ahn. We would not have been able to do this without you! Thank you Lord for bringing everything together, providing abundantly, and blessing everyone even more than we could have imagined.

Submitted by Anna Hong and Olivia Yi

Isaac NhoComment