Metro Kingdom Builders: Pauline Stephenson

‘Metro Kingdom Builders’ is a series highlighting the partners and people that make up, and serve, at Metro Community Church. This week’s Kingdom Builder is Pauline Stephenson.


When did you start attending Metro?
I started attending Metro in 2006 after receiving an invite from a friend and have been coming ever since.

What stood out to you about Metro?
Pastor Peter left a great impression on me – sharing his story the way he did was very brave of him. I had never experienced a Pastor be so real about their life in that way before.

What ministries are you involved with? What about those ministries made you want to serve?
I serve on the Welcome Team and also the Justice, Advocacy, and Compassion (JAC) Ministry which covers the Prison and the Nursing Home programs.

What do you do outside of Metro?
Outside of Metro I work as a Health Care Giver. I also attend the gym frequently, where I love to do kick boxing, Zumba, and yoga.

What does transformation mean to you? Have you seen or experienced transformation through Metro?
My definition of Transformation is total surrender – giving it all to God. Through Metro, I have witnessed Pastor Doug and Pastor Mike transform in their leadership as a Pastors. Each time they preach, I witness it over and over and I am always amazed.

What is one thing you want people to know about you?
One thing I would like people to know about me is my sense of loyalty. I am very loyal and a true friend.

What brings you the most joy?
My family brings me the most joy, especially my granddaughter Sophia. She is the apple of my eye.

Anything else you want to share?
I love being apart of the Metro family.

Isaac NhoComment