Student Ministries


Welcome to Student Ministries!

Welcome to Student Ministries at Metro, where we believe that we are all on a journey of spiritual growth, whether we are a newborn or centenarian, and we are blessed to be able to walk with you on that journey. Student ministries focuses on equipping parents of students from birth to High School as they spiritually nurture their children. Each ministry is part of a continuous journey that builds on each other rather than autonomous ministries that are only concerned with their own growth and ministry purpose.  


To inspire, support and equip parents to be the primary spiritual disciplers in their child’s life. Our hope is to see a generation of parents spiritually nurture their children into gaining authentic and lasting faith.  Student ministries come alongside parents to help support and reinforce what is taught at home.

Our Mission

  1. To provide resources to parents so they feel equipped and supported as they are and/or become the spiritual leader in their child’s life as was intended by God’s design of parents

  2. To develop cohesion and continuity within ministries so that each ministry is building on each other to ensure that students are growing spiritually

  3. To create intentional space for our students to meet Jesus

Sunday Programs

Weekday Activity

Friday Night Fellowship is our weekday fellowship activity for Middle School and High School Students at the church office from 7-10pm. Students participate in service activities, praise night, Bible study and fun outings.

Family Worship Sunday

Two times a year we have Family worship time when families worship together in the main sanctuary. 

Student Ministries Worship Service

Student Ministry service is a joint service of MetroTots to High School which is mainly student led.  This service is when all the students at Metro worship together as well as provide them with opportunities to lead and serve their fellow students.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you have a heart for service and want to be part of serving in student ministries please email Pastor Ancy at or the individual ministry leader of the ministry that you are interested in. Schedule a time to observe the ministry and meet with the leader of the ministry. Fill out a volunteer application and background check Form.  We take safety very seriously at Metro and all our volunteers in our drop off ministries are background checked yearly.


For more information regarding our Student Ministries, please email