Ask Pastor Shirley a question

How can I help my kids connect with God this summer?

The short answer:
Encourage morning and evening devotions and worshiping ANY time. 

Now for some details: 
For my kids, the first thing they want to do when they wake up is to play on their Ipads. So I tell them they can, but after they fill themselves with God's loving truth in His Word to feed their souls, and then breakfast to feed their tummies/stomachs, and then feed their brains with summer bridges (summer school work). 

It's amazing how well they can get through these things with the iPad as their end goal! So why not let them enjoy some iPad time after that? They deserve it 😉 

If that is too much and they cannot handle all three things before they get to play on the ipad, choose whichever works best for your children and you ;)

Also, go out and do fun things as a family together!  It can be as low key as camping in your backyard or having some smores over your stove top (or fire pit if you have one!) to going away to the beach or another destination…but THANKING God and WORSHIPING Him through it!  For example, if you’re camping, go around and each share a prayer that starts like this: “I thank You, God, for…”.  When you’re going on a long car ride, ask your child(ren) what they’re favorite MetroKids song is and have them sing it.  You can share with them your favorite praise song, too (and maybe even explain why…bonus!).  Or simply point out God’s beautiful creation: “Look at how blue the sky is…how great God made the sky!” or “Thank God for air conditioning!” Every little thing counts, and can help build a culture of worshiping God in your family.

Please feel free to share your ideas in response to this blog!  We can always use more ideas with God’s creative juices flowing in each of us!

Happy summer connecting with God! 
Shirley You
MetroKids! Children's Pastor