Meet the Metro staff!


Peter Ahn - Senior Pastor

Pastor Peter—or “PP” as his fellow Metro staff members call him—still finds it difficult to believe that the Metro Community Church of today all began with just a humble vision God planted in his heart back when he was a seminary student at Fuller Theological Seminary. Since completing his M. Div., Pastor Peter has relocated to Leonia, NJ where he now resides with his amazing wife, Jenny, and their three beautiful children, Christina, Kayla and Christian.  He is a major proponent of the belief that spiritual health and physical health are closely linked and, thus, lives out this conviction by incorporating nutritious diet and consistent exercise into his daily schedule. Pastor Peter finds it difficult to name just one thing he loves about Metro, but his absolute favorite part of Metro would have to be the church community that is not afraid to “keep things real.”

Kevin Swanson - Executive Pastor / Director of Operations

Kevin’s first exposure to Metro was spending a week with Pastor Peter in 2010. They figured out pretty quickly that they shared a common vision, enjoyed serving together, had radically different backgrounds and gift mixes and that PP could eat twice as much as Kevin in half the time. Metro refused to hire Kevin until they met his lovely wife Linda at which time they decided that her assets made up for his liabilities. After serving 2 years at Metro, family needs called them to Seattle Washington for 2 years where they helped Linda’s family walk through a very difficult season. God, in his providence allowed them to return to Metro in early 2015. Kevin was born in central Minnesota but his parents escaped the ice and snow shortly after he was born and landed in northern California. Kevin graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a BS in Missionary Aviation Technology (yes, he is a pilot). Kevin and Linda raised their two children in South America where they were serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship. After 28 years with that ministry, following God’s leadership, Kevin made a career change to pastoral ministry. Kevin has served 2 churches in California and one church in Washington State. Linda is a certified spiritual director and is heavily involved in ministry to women serving God overseas. Their daughter is a school teacher and lives with her husband in Singapore.  Their son is a pastor and lives in Chicago with his wife and their two children.  As Executive Pastor Kevin spends his time executing things. His real passions are Jesus and people.

Jenny Lim - Operations Manager

Jenny was born in Flushing, NY, but spent half of her life in Seoul, Korea. Even though she’s only lived a chunk of her life in New Jersey, she feels that her love for the place makes her a true Jersey Girl through and through. Jenny attended Syracuse University (Go Orange!) and graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management—a degree that helped her land a job working for a large hotel chain prior to joining Metro full-time. Her natural attention to detail and fearless policing tactics, make her the perfect Operations Manager. When she's not busy keeping the office running during the week, Jenny likes to spend time with her husband, Andy and new Lim addition, Micah.

David Ho Sang - Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Though a relative newbie, David is the most seasoned (or weathered) staff team member. Born and bred in Jamaica, he has predominant Asian genes, with generous helpings of European and African ones, and even a teaspoon of Jewish blood. Married 36+ years to his best friend and life partner, Betty, they have sojourned in places like Kingston, Oxford, Vancouver, Chicago and most recently Los Angeles for the past 25 years. David's Metro claim to fame is that PP (Pastor Peter) was his gifted, reliable seminary intern at a church where they embraced God's friendship gift, and kept in touch when PP responded to God's call and vision to return to NJ to plant Metro. In addition to being the standard bearer of spiritual formation here, one of David's roles is to complement the passion of the young with the wisdom of the old. He has overheard people calling him "Yoda"; or perhaps they're describing his communication as "yada, yada"? One life principle is to take self less seriously, and God far more seriously. Both he and Betty are passionate not merely about the idea of being and making fully transforming disciples in healthy, sustainable community, but pursuing fully these kingdom purposes of Jesus which he began to do and to teach in the Gospels, and continues to do and to teach through His church in the New Testament, and His church today.  

Mike Yi - Associate Pastor of Spiritual Formations

The early years of Mike’s career was spent in Nuclear Medicine running PET/CT scans. In 2015, he left the medical industry to pursue his passion for pastoral ministry. He believes that in order to be spiritually healthy, one must practice not only the disciplines of prayer and scripture, but also the disciplines of rest and delight. 

The Yi Clan lives in Englewood and consists of a king (Mike), a queen (Olivia), and a royal jester (Markus). Up until early 2016, Mike believed himself to be the unquestioned master of the house. However, in May of that same year, the family was enslaved by a cruel new master, a 7-pound baby girl named Evelyn, who has her entire family (especially her daddy) wrapped around her little finger. When not bending to the tyranny of the new housemaster, the Yi family enjoys movies, traveling, and wandering around NYC in their never-ending search for the world’s greatest cupcake.

In his spare, Mike founded/operates Eyepatch Entertainment (, an organization that provides high quality DJ services for weddings while supporting One Day's Wages (, a humanitarian organization that fights global issues such as hunger, water, and women's rights.

Ancy Post - Director of Student Ministries

Pastor Ancy was born in India, but grew up locally in Teaneck, NJ. She is a woman of many gifts, having received both a B.A. in Physical Therapy and an Advanced M.A. in Developmental Disabilities at New York University, in addition to her M. Div. at Alliance Theological Seminary. Pastor Ancy has an unrivaled passion for the youth, which is so clearly visible in her work with Metro’s Student Ministries. She particularly loves being able to witness, first-hand, the youth growing in the love of Christ. She currently resides in Mahwah, NJ with her loving husband, Scott, and their beautiful daughters, Parker and Paisley. When she’s not working as a Physical Therapist or serving at Metro, Pastor Ancy loves to spend quality time with her family, whether it’s by taking her daughters for a walk around town or watching a movie at home with her husband. She has also been converted into an avid NASCAR fan by her husband and enjoys cheering on her favorite drivers on TV. There are many things Pastor Ancy loves about being a part of Metro, but her absolute favorite is the welcoming community that always makes her feel right at home.

Anna Hong - Director of MetroNursery

Anna first visited Metro during its first retreat in 2004, where she found both a church home and her wonderful future husband, Won. She was and is still deeply moved by Metro’s vision of transformation, diversity, authentic relationships, and helping the hurting. Anna has worked in the legal field, academic administration, and is most recently a stay-at-home mom. Anna and Won are parents to three incredible kids - Maya, Charlotte, and Harris. Her passion is for people to live out their potential in Christ, knowing that each person is wonderfully created in God’s image with different gifts and callings. Her desire is to see MetroNursery be a place where our youngest children and their parents can be encouraged to grow in knowing God and community.

Na Kong - Director of MetroTots (2 - 4 year olds)

Na and her family first visited Metro Community Church back in January of 2011 and was instantly drawn by the honesty and transparency of Pastor Peter’s sermons. They were equally impressed by the awesome children’s ministries available and today Na heads up MetroTots – a ministry for children aged 2 to 4 years old. Born in South Korea, Na first moved to New Jersey when she was just six and has since called the NJ/NY area home. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2000 with a degree in accounting, but after three years of working in the industry, she decided to get her Masters Degree in Math Education and went on to teach high school math for five years. After her second son was born, Na decided to take a break from teaching to become a stay at home mom. Today, she and her husband, Simon, have three energetic boys – Ryan, Matthew & Christian – and enjoy watching movies and playing board games together as a family.

Pastor Shirley You - Pastor of MetroKids (Pre-K to 3rd Grade)

Shirley has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers’s University Douglass College. She also has a Master of Arts degree in Christian Education from Princeton Theological Seminary. Prior to joining Metro Community Church, she served as the Director of Children’s Ministry for Pilgrim Church in Paramus, NJ. She is also a NJ certified Special Education teacher and taught children with special needs at Bergen County Special Services. Shirley and her husband Evan are proud parents of their son Ethan and daughter Evelyn.

Michelle Nam - MetroKids Administrative Assistant

Michelle is driven to organize and systematize, which is super-useful as she serves alongside Pastor Shirley, Pastor Betty and the unsung MetroKids teachers/volunteers. Michelle graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is an experienced jewelry maker who also holds an active real estate license. If you need any IKEA furniture assembled, “Better call Michelle!” Wanna learn how to make kimchi? Wanna learn how to “antique” reclaimed furniture? “Better call Michelle!” She is a proud Paramus resident with hubby Wesley and precocious, precious twins Jordan and Kaitlyn.

Steve Bang - Director of MetroEdge (Grades 4 & 5) / Administrative Assistant

Steve Bang grew up in New Jersey and first visited Metro Community Church in the summer of 2011. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications at Rutgers University and then pursued a career in information technology. After serving as a volunteer teacher in Metro's 4th and 5th grade ministry, God revealed a different calling for him: to pursue a career working with youth. With a servant’s heart, Steve now works as Director of the Metro Edge Ministry. In his spare time, Steve loves to watch and read all things sports and pop culture. 

Doug Cho - Pastor of MetroMerge (Grades 6 to 8) / Director of Arts In Ministry

Doug was born in the local Bergen County area and is a Jersey-boy at heart. He attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and graduated with a degree in Finance. 6-years after finishing school, working in Chicago (and a few other misadventures), Doug finally moved back home to NJ. He worked in Manhattan for 4-years while doing stand-up comedy for a short time along the way, until he finally quit his job in 2014 to take up God's calling in his life for pastoral work. He would never have chosen this direction for himself, but he is so glad to be where he is now. Doug is often characterized by his loud laugh - so if you're looking for him at church, just listen out for it (no, seriously). He also enjoys dancing, running obstacle courses and hanging out with his roommates.

Clayton Chan - Pastor of MetroX (Grades - 9 to 12) / Director of JAC Youth

Having spent his childhood in the suburbs of Massachusetts, Clayton is now a lonely Patriots fan among a sea of Giants and Jets fans. Clayton graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a double major in Economics and Religion. He then continued his education by completing his M. Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary in 2011. Clayton’s love of children and youth led him to accept a position as Metro’s dedicated youth pastor. An avid sports fan, Clayton spends most of his free time cheering on his favorite sports teams or playing basketball, but he equally enjoys curling up on the couch and watching his favorite chick flicks. Clayton feels at home in the third culture atmosphere at Metro as he himself is bi-cultural, being both of Chinese and Korean descent. He feels so blessed to be a part of the staff and community at Metro Community Church where he can witness, firsthand, how God is using His people to serve and love his children all around the world.

Suah Hwang - Director of JAC (Justice Advocacy & Compassion)

Suah can never figure out what to say when asked where exactly she is from. She has spent a chunk of her life in Korea and Guatemala, but has now found relatively permanent residence in the town of Englewood, NJ (holler!) with her “super dreamy” husband, John, and their two hilarious dogs, Toby and Jazz. Suah received her Master’s Degree in Social Work at Columbia University and is putting her degree to good use while working as a Heart Transplant Social Worker at New York Presbyterian Hospital. To maintain her sanity while juggling two jobs, Suah likes to bake, eat what she bakes, then go rock climbing to burn off the calories. Positive thinking is Suah’s strong suit as she was hit by a truck when she was four years old. She figures, everything good that’s been in her life since is a bonus.

Timm Chartier - Director of Media & Communications

When Timm first visited the United States back in 2004, little did he know that he would meet his future wife, Christine, along the way and be moving from Australia to NJ less than four years later. Timm originally discovered Metro Community Church via Google Maps (yes, Google Maps) in 2008 and today he serves on staff as Metro’s Director of Media & Communications. Educated and experienced in many areas of media production, he also worked as an associate producer for video game developer, Rockstar Games (of Grand Theft Auto fame) – making him the perfect person to oversee all of Metro’s digital media production. Timm loves the process and impact of communicating with people through audio and visual presentation. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with Christine and their daughter, Luella. and loves to relax with a video game controller in hand, playing the latest in interactive entertainment.

Isaac Nho - Media Assistant

After leaving his parents church in Upstate New York, Isaac found his home at Metro Community Church in the fall of 2013. Since then, he has spent his time serving with the Setup Crew and the Frontline Ministry. Isaac's role within the church expanded, accepting a voluntary role assisting Timm Chartier with week-to-week media responsibilities. After several months of familiarizing himself with his roles, he was offered a place on the Metro staff as a Media Assistant. 

Isaac has two years of media experience (blogging and social media) in the fashion industry; covering men's high-end fashion. In his off hours, he is freelancing as a photographer and contributing to film projects as a videographer.   

Christy Vinson - Frontline Director

Christy was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to Indiana when she was 13.  After attending Indiana State University, she married the love of her life (Jake) and moved to the suburbs of Indianapolis. In 2008, they ventured to the east coast and have been attending Metro ever since. Christy and Jake have three wonderful children whom keep them very busy. Christy has a passion for connecting with people while hoping to make them comfortable. She thrives in a team setting and loves encouraging and leading her teammates from Frontline. Christy enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family and connecting with people.

Richard Huang - Interim Worship Director

In his 30th year of life, Rich met Jesus at his workplace on a Wednesday in late August, 2011. After realizing - to his dismay - that he was now inextricably Christian, he went to the only Church he knew of ...Metro Community Church, and has been attending ever since. Rich finds it impossible to cohesively narrate all that God has done for him in the intervening years. That said, a core thread through all the years was Worship, which is really baffling because Rich was awful at both singing and playing when he began. As a result, Rich is awestruck at God’s power and grace every time he is reminded of what God has done in him, and finds it an even greater wonder he is now serving as Interim Worship Director. May the Lord be forever praised!