During Holy Week We Gather

Holy Week is a sacred time to remember all  Our Father God and His Son did for us. God gave His Son, because of His love for you and me. Jesus went willingly to the cross because He loves us.

They sacrificed all for a relationship with you and me. Our sins are paid for and forgiven! But that wasn't enough for God. On Easter Sunday Jesus rose from death and lived again. Resurrection Sunday revealed God's Power! Because Jesus lives, our enemy and death were defeated! We have been given the power to live a Christ-centered life! In Jesus' death and resurrection, we were set free from the penalty of sin and the power of sin over us. Jesus came to give us life, abundant life which is His presence with us and His resources available to us throughout all the ups and downs of our lives.

This is why Holy Week is so important to us and why we gather Monday- Saturday this week at 6 am at the church office (except this Friday when we will meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel) to worship and reflect. How grateful we are for this opportunity to stop, remember, repent, rejoice in our forgiveness, and celebrate our Savior who died for us but who lives within us now and forever!