Ask Betty a question

Betty, you see children come into MetroKids each Sunday with all kinds of attitudes. What could parents do to help their children’s arrival at MetroKids set them up for a wonderful morning? 

“What could parents do…?”  Well, how about having a talk with your kids before coming to church to remind them to behave, pay attention and not talk out loud.  (ONLY KIDDING)  Because often we immediately equate a wonderful Sunday morning with a picture of well behaved kids who are quietly listening to their teachers.  But it's not about perfect behavior.  It's about passionate hearts and minds for Jesus. 

Jesus wants us all to have hearts and souls that are shaped in faith, love and obedience to God.  The ultimate goal, for all of us, parents, kids and teens, every adult young and old, is to have a vibrant faith that is passed on from one generation to another.   

How can All of us, not just parents, prepare ourselves each Sunday before we step into church to make sure we have a ‘wonderful Sunday morning’?  It is not just preparing ourselves for one event, but being obedient to the Holy Spirit as we live in dependence on the Lord daily and creating an environment that reflects God and draws others to desire what we have.  Let’s prepare ourselves so that we can give God the best morning each Sunday as we worship Him.  

So parents, you can prepare your kids each Sunday by living in faith and love every day of the week.  Invite your kids to read the Bible and pray with you every day.  And together let’s get excited each Sunday to come to church and worship in community.