Meeting God In Milwaukee

This past Sunday, Pastor Clay shared a story from our youth's recent missions trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Here is another story from this trip, from one of the leaders of our high school ministry... 

Last month, I had the privilege of going on a missions trip with a group of Metro youth students to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our church sent out an e-mail regarding the need for female chaperones for the missions trip, but I initially disregarded this because I felt unqualified to chaperone youth. As someone who had never participated in a missions trip, I didn’t see how I could be a leader to teenage boys and girls. Also, as a pre-kindergarten teacher, just the thought of spending time with older youth made me nervous. Days passed and people around me began suggesting and encouraging me to join the missions team. The more the idea crossed my mind, the more I felt God challenging me to go. Plus, as a teacher on summer break, the timing aligned perfectly. However, my thoughts and feelings of not being qualified enough did not leave my mind. I didn't know any of the youth kids, I don't know the Bible well enough... I didn't know what to expect. Despite all these worries, I eventually decided to trust Him and His plans and just go. The more I set my mind on this thought, the more excited I became to see what He was about to reveal to me during this missions trip.

During the week I was in Milwaukee, I was so blessed and encouraged. I learned about the city and the people of the city who wanted to change the lives in Milwaukee. The trust and hope in God were so evident and undeniable despite the challenges the people faced. The youth students also encouraged me and I saw how God was working in their lives through the children in the community, the messages, and serving to transform the neighborhoods of Milwaukee. Not only did I fall in love with them and build relationships with the team, but I also learned a lot about myself. I realized how much I need God in my self-doubt, especially when I believe God can’t use me because of my weakness. But throughout that week, I felt God continuously saying, “Trust me,” and move me outside of my comfort zone.

A message from one of the nights was that your limitations don’t matter, but rather trust in God and He will always be with you because you can’t do anything on your own. As my heart for the youth was growing, that message gave me strength to obey and get over my self-doubt of joining the high school ministry as one of the leaders. After coming back from the mission’s trip and through more prayers, I decided to fully commit in being part of the team. I have full trust that this was God’s plan and that He will be along with me as I try to be an older sister figure to the youth at Metro.

Submitted by Yuna Kim