Are they even listening?

The answer is “Yes”.  Yes, no matter how young our children are and even if they don’t appear to be paying attention, our little ones are listening and they are learning. 

At MetroTots, our teachers and worship leaders, prepare during the week for Sunday service only to find that most of the children don’t seem like they are really understanding what is going on.  We often get blank stares and children who choose to play or wander around during most of the service.  It is easy to feel discouraged and wonder if we’re making any impact at all…which is why we love when parents share stories with us.  Stories of how their children recall songs, memory verses, and bible stories when they are home.

One parent shared with us how her 2 year old (our youngest Tot at the time) randomly recalled how “God created everything in the world.”  WHAT?!  That was part of our memory verse back in June and July when we were reviewing the story of creation.  Another parent shared with us how much her son (also 2 years old) loves listening to the worship songs at home and then one Sunday, he came in knowing all the words to a song we’ve only been singing for 2 weeks.  And one more story is of Pastor Ancy’s 2 year old daughter who asked her dad to put her up in the tree so that she can be like Zacchaeus who climbed a tree so that he could see Jesus.  That was the lesson we learned that Sunday!


We love these stories.  They give us teachers hope that what we say and do really matter each Sunday.  So, parents, if you have stories…share them with us!